Fashion Parade - London

“Fringe gone wild”

Syeda Amera’s summer collection 2015 is all about ubiquitous flapping, swinging fringes. As the fringe trend moves and shakes its way into fashion, it is one of the biggest trends filling in this season giving a serious ‘70’s vibe. There are touches of fringe that will undoubtedly be all over the runway. Bringing the fringe back into spotlight, Syeda Amera’s version of this 70’s trend will be incredibly glamorous and ultra-feminine.

There are easy to pull off dresses in deep sensual bohemian colours, fringes adorning mini-dresses, evening gowns and skirts.

Simple thread fringe to Russian Braid and Plain beaded to fabric. All these pepped up with intricate embellishment and fabric manipulation on premium quality jersey, nets and suede.

The artful swish and swoosh of fringe will be sported in Syeda Amera’s collection this season, from the eye-lash like adornment to the sliced and diced treated fabric.