J Summer Fashion Show - Hoover Dam, USA

When florals took over the J Summer Fashion Show 2017 ramp! Syeda Amera\'s \'Flower Power\' collection turned out to be the most appreciated collection of the history making fashion show which took place on 26th June 2017 atop American engineering masterpiece Hoover Dam featuring the world\'s largest man-made reservoir, Lake Mead, and the majestic Black Canyon located just minutes outside of Las Vegas. As reported by celebrities and journalists present at the show, it was pure magic to watch Syeda Amera\'s creations go down the ramp as the models walked on the 100-metre curved catwalk.

Inspired by the sumptuous beauty of nature on a monument built against the rules of nature. The Syeda Amera SS\'17 was complemented by floral prints on charmeuse in variety of shapes and lengths with white backgrounds. A collection so colourful and lively, against the panoramic views of the blue lake and a background of the browns, blacks, reds and grays that make up the desert mountain was composed and right on spot on the one-hundred-metre curved runway. It was combination of renewal energy and fashion like never seen before.

From seasonal trends like super bright tones and head-to-toe floral looks, passing by floral maxi dresses and the ubiquitous detailed sleeves, the recent Syeda Amera SS’17 collection mixes over-sized shoulders and jumpsuits with elaborate graphic prints. With the collection centered on a very simple concept, \"Flower Power\", Syeda Amera’s SS’17 is closely linked to exquisite tailoring with modern and timeless silhouette. Printed with beautiful popy, daisy, lily and roses, each outfit has something exclusive to offer with a unique print, detail or embroidered patches. The luxurious craftsmanship lies in the details with hand-sewn patches and dresses made of the highest quality materialStaying true to the designer’s glamorous and feminine style, Syeda absolutely demonstrated that she is in the fashion groove as far as current sartorial trends are concerned.

A collection which includes all of the Syeda Amera essential elements, but at the same time is absolutely different from all her other works, the Spring/Summer 2017 stood out against the cinematic backdrop featuring the world\'s largest man-made reservoir, Lake Mead, and the majestic Black Canyon. A celebration of feminity, elegance is abounding through floral motifs that evolve throughout the collection’s floral patterns. Smart tailoring and flattering fits are the hallmark of her SS’17 collection, which she showcased at the most exotic venue atop the engineering masterpiece Hoover Dam in America.In the process of launching back in 2008 to now being considered Pakistan’s first ever fashion clothing brand to have received such an international acclaim, Syeda Amera has quite an inspirational story. Her accomplishments are praised and cherished by the whole fashion fraternity. She has had the most successful series of international shows over the past years with numerous awards and projects coming her way she is now all set to showcase her “Flower-power” collection at the most exotic venue, atop American engineering masterpiece Hoover Dam. Jessica Minh Anh has selected Pakistani award-winning designer, Syeda Amera, to showcase a special collection and to represent the whole of South-Asia among the carefully selected designers from all over the world.